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Zasso is an innovative Swiss-based company specialized in non-chemical weed management solutions using advanced power electronics. Originally developed in Brazil, the patented technology targets both the shoots and the even more critical roots of undesired plants systemically by employing advanced lightweight high-voltage methods. The solution is commercialized under the names of ElectroherbTM or XPOWERTM.  Its flexible, interchangeable applicators allow the system to be used in a range of surfaces and segments including agriculture, consumer market, and urban areas.

Electroherb ™, as an electrophysical treatment, controls weeds and invasive plants without the use of herbicides. Due to its direct and residue-free electrical mode of action, it avoids soil contamination or any other negative environmental impacts on the agroecosystem. With the use of high-powered electrical discharges, Electroherb ™ allows the destruction of plants to the root – with an effect that lasts longer or is comparable to that obtained with conventional agrochemicals. Specially designed electrodes perform high-voltage discharges directed through the leaves to the root system, the soil and return to the passive electrodes of the Electroherb™ system. The death of the plant occurs immediately because electricity destroys the compartmentalization of vascular systems (xylem and phloem), causing irreparable lethal damage. The result of the application is an efficient and lasting effect on the treated plant species, without other consequences, such as chemical drift, toxic contaminations or resistances resulting from selection.

In the context of dwindling number of available methods for environmentally friendly plant control. Zasso’s mission is to develop the necessary control and power modules that will help make the world herbicide-free, for a better future. With offices in Zug (Switzerland), Indaiatuba (Brazil), Aachen (Germany) and Paris (France), Zasso strives to demonstrate leadership in the electric weed control technology in all the markets it serves.