Norbert Sedlacek

Norbert Sedlacek is project manager within Herry Consult for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in transport cost benefit analysis, freight transport modelling and forecasting, transport statistics, transport policy analysis, transport financing and transport cost accounts.

Swen Follak

Dr. Swen Follak has been a weed scientist at the Institute of Sustainable Plant Production at AGES since 2007. His research areas include the monitoring of the occurrence and spread of invasive alien plants, modelling their potential distribution and conducting pest risk assessments and evaluating risk management strategies for invasive alien plants. Science 2007 he has been the official Austrian delegate and active member of the EPPO Panel on Invasive Alien Plants (

Alexander Fürdös

Alexander Fürdös is a professional traffic planner with experience in major infrastructure and research projects. He conducted research within the area of "Traffic & Biology" - e.g.: BIOHALT  a modular & biological traffic station design. He hasmore than 12 years international working experiences  in Sweden and two years in Germany.

Friederike Trognitz

Friederike Trognitz studied plant breeding and has since worked in various  projects dealing with different crops such as potato, apple, wheat and cacao. For the last years she was working on the development of bioherbicides against different weeds, including ragweed. During this period she gained experience in testing bacteria against specific weeds. She hasalso looked on population structures of ragweed to understand the spread of this invasive plant.